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Waterground zone

An amazing total of 2 Hectares of pools, over 3.5 to 5 Hectares,
made with activities for Children and Adults along!

The activities spot will be equipped accordingly for children, young adults and adults,
with bridges, skylines, slopes and slides and cascades.

Along with those, the Resort Pools will have the design of a Dragon from the sky.
And there will be many “Shooting spots” and Dragons all over the Resort,
allowing people to take nice pictures while enjoying the place.
The pools area, with slides and activities, will cover more than 2 and a half Hectares,
6000m2 with low deep for kids (40cm to 1m deep with playground),
 17’000m2 adult playground (low 1m to average 1m60 deep),
2000m2 with diving boards and swimming (1m80 to 3m to 4m deep)

24x2 showers will be available on the site,
Comfort rooms with showers for Men and Women in 6 dedicated areas

Click here to know more about : Kid Playground zones
Click here to know more about : Adult playground zones

 The pool will hold bridges to small islands with bars in the low deep zone.
There will be 2 fast food corners (ice-creams/drinks/burgers), and a BBQ corner.

From the beginning, a « free drop zone » for people not willing to rent space,
Small « umbrellas » with small table and 2 chairs, Big « umbrellas » with a table and 4 chairs,
Small « bungalows » with wide table and 8 chairs, « bungalows » with long table for up to 16 people.

Pool Karaoke and Video-ke zone will be open from 1pm until 8pm,
people may join the video/karaoke inside the Main entrance building which is open from 11am to 1am

Swimsuit and Towel Rental will be available at the entrance,
and a shop inside the resort to buy towels, swim suits and swimming gears

Back and Neck or foot massage, can be requested while in the swimming pool

The pool will be cleaned/maintained with marine-care safe products,
using many filters and specific healthy products to maintain it’s cleanliness.
To ensure that water is breathing and will not need excessive external products
to prevents alguaes, our water recycling process will move it through many filters,
from pool to pool.

Most ice-creams will be homemade with only natural ingredients
(pure revitalized water/fruits/sugarcane)
but we may have also a selection of brands (if they pass our healthcare check!)

Plans and Designs of the Waterground zone
will only be available to Investors & Partners for now, until we post the official website

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