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Latest site Update DDR V1 : 06.09.2020

Dragon’s Den Resort - Bohol

There will be 2 DDR places over Bohol, but let’s talk about the “Main” one...

The “Official Website for the Resort” will be posted as soon as we know the opening dates
and will be forwarded to all people interested in visiting us.

The Resort will be build over a 18 Hectares lot, over the hills of San Miguel,
on the island of Bohol, Philippines. We are going to propose an off-road and a racing track, where you can ride our electric powered Buggies, Quads and Go-karts, and on that zone will also be old a Tree Hiking zone. But anyway, we will have another 10 Hectares lot, where you will be able to enjoy many other activities, and will be able to go there at “nearly” anytime with our free transportation buses.

The “Mountain Resort” is separated in 2 zones, the Waterground zone and the Hotel Residence zone

The Waterground zone is a huge pool resort, with fun and enjoyable zones
The Hotel Residence zone is a quiet zone where people will stay overnight
and where they will be able to have a good sleep

Basic Entrance fees to the resort will be as follow
Those prices are NOT subject to change

Free for Childs under 3 - Childs over 3 but under 6 : 100 pesos
Senior Citizens and Childs from 6 to 12 : 180 pesos
Retired/Invalid Customers from other countries : 240 pesos
Adults : 300pesos

10% on groups of more than 12 people, 20% on groups of more than 40 people

Small umbrellas (2places) : 300 pesos per day
Big umbrellas (4 places) : 440 pesos per day
Small bungalows (8places) : 750 per day
Big bungalows (12 places) : 1’200 per day

San Miguel Residents will have also get a 50% discount, Bohol Residents will have 25% discount
Don’t forget your ID when you are coming, it may be requested at entrance for discounts.

For more info follow the link to the Waterground zone

- - -

The Hotel Complex :

Hotel reception will also be the SHCC Center reception, holding small shops, entrance to the restaurant, to the SPA, and to the Video/Karaoke, there will be bar with a relax corner.

There will be rooms, equipped with toilet and shower, single, double and also family, and suites. There will be bamboo house with 1/2/3 rooms, toilets and showers in each room, with kitchen and living room, and balcony.
There will be family house accomodation with dormitories, those house for 8/12/20 will hold 2/3/4 kingsize beds, and an amount of double decks,  2/3/4 showers with toilets

For more info follow the link to the Hotel Residence zone

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