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Investing money can be tricky if you invest in risky places,
this is why we want to ensure a clear and safe rule here : You may not have high interests, but clearly there is NO RISKS of losing money AT ALL!

Your money will be given back at the end, with the interests paid every year.

Investors are « placing » their money with us, earning the interests,
without the fees from a Bank or Trade company.
We are not playing with your money,
we are using it to ensure the smooth run of the Resort.

Our interest rates are indicated below with the enventual benefits

Interest gained per year, full amount given back after the chosen Investment
Investment is a secure but low interest way to earn money

For every 1000.- CHF invested

All investors will receive vouchers for 2 people to access the Resort for 1 days
+ lunch or diner at our restaurant (alcoolic drinks not included)

Investors will also receive more benefits depending the numbers of *

a number of Life Access Cards to the Resort per star

** + 2x 2h voucher for massage

*** + 8 Diner voucher (complete, including drinks)

**** + 7 nights in a Bamboo House 3 or 15 in a Suite room

***** + 1 month all inclusive for 2 people (transportation from and to airport is included)

Actual Investment rates can be provided by having a meeting with your local Agent

Or by contacting us directly

Pre-Order investment rates are valid until end of September 2020

After opening, rates will be lower

You may also be more interested by becoming our Partner

To know more about Partnership, please,
contact your local agent or contact us directly
So that we can arrange a meeting