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About us


David Cruz-Mermy : Founder and actual President of SHCC - Chairman Dragon’s Den Resort

Ma. Leahn Martizano Boyboy : Founder and actual Secretary of SHCC - Dragon’s Den Resort CEO

Project SHCC was founded in 2013, but only got really active in 2014 when I really started to look for the best place to start the first Center.

Today, SHCC is a true and aknowledged Non Governmental Organisation for non-profit.

It has been made under the articles 60 to 79 of the Swiss Civil Code

Our status and official creation documents are free to read and can provided on a simple request.

Anyone willing to become a Member can apply, as far as that person, or group of person, can prove that they are motivated and willing to pursue our goals, and can prove that they are not affiliated to any religious or political group.

Our team is already composed of 12 independant people, along with the 2 Founders.

The next General Assembly will be hold as soon as CoVid ends, to declare the new functions of the Members, Comitee and Desk who will replace the Founders in the actual management of the SHCC Project. Nevertheless, the Founders will still actively provide support and help along to the comitee, while also taking care of the main fund ressources for the Project. We are receiving membership request as I write this.

SHCC will keep on until all his goals are achieved as the following

When the whole World will not need any social and cultural support, that all kids on the planets may freely go to school, that hunger through the world will be eradicated and that pure and free water will be available for all!


Dragon’s Den Resort - Bohol

As to be able to support Project SHCC,
Both Founders decided to work on a parallel project called “Dragon’s Den Resort”

The Dragon’s Den Resort is to be a main ressource to fund SHCC,
as well as an exemple for how the Centers can become autonomeous.
Using the same ideology as the Centers. But being more business oriented.
The Resort should be able to provide funding to SHCC as soon as it opens.

It also will build the first Center over the land owned, so it will also reduce
the cost of creating the first Center by nearly 35%.

The Resort itself is a family business oriented to provide the municipality with many facilities as sports venues and swimming pools that will only accessed by schools or sports teams. And of course, drinkable water as the SHCC Center are made for.

We are working hard on the Resort, this a huge project.
And if you have doubts on it, well it means you can’t be part of our team,
because WE KNOW what we are doing, and you have no idea of what it takes
to make a Project like we are.

The Chairman also don’t need to prove anyone about his skills, the many businesses he was the Project Business and Analyst Manager before are all very famous today,
and are millions earning businesses today.