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Investors and Partners

If you are interested in becoming an Investor or a Partner,
you may be willing to know more about the offered possibilities
to invest your money with us.

Here are some primary infos about what you are going to invest in

Resort Pre-Opening Inverstors & Partners

The Resort Center is made to attract tourists in the North of Bohol
The Project has been approved and will be propped by the municipality
It will be a good source of earnings,
and earnings will increases with future developpements

The five most important points for the success of the resort are already

1. Support from the Municipality

2. Accessibility will be improved from 2021-2022
Airport in Ubay,  Bridge from Cebu to Bohol

3. Bohol Locals are enthousiast for a new big resort

4. Tourists are looking for better places to stay far from Tagbilaran

5. We have the possibility of increasing and developping the Resort at  anytime

But not only that, actual visitors over Bohol per year is 8Million, most of those visitors only go to Tagbilaran because there is no Resort in the North of the Island, and no fast access to all the nice view spots. By implemanting the Resort in San Miguel, we will provide not only a halt for those willing to discover the Island, but a main attractive point for all the local tourism as we are perfectly centered from all the best places to visit on the Island. You can also count on the new airport, and the bridge, who will be close to us. Expected increase of visitors to the Island when both project are finished is minimum 40% (So nearly about 11Mio visitors per year)
Our actual esitmation without the 2 project is 500’000 visitors per year to the Resort

There will be many ways to invest or become a partner for both Projects

Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations


SHCC Project Donators, Investors & Partners

The SHCC Center project is made to help the community,
each Center will be built to be autonomeous,
and your investment there is crucial to ensure a good start.
Each Center site will be choosen carefuly.
Investors and Partners for the Centers will have their name written on a metal plate,
and will be able to get benefits in every Center built.

To invest or partner for the next Center, please contact us.