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Promoters and Ambassadors

Welcome on the dedicated page for Promoters and Ambassadors

You will find hereunder all the documents needed to Promote and Advertise the group

You can chose documents only need by your role, or take all of them as you wish

Due to CoVid, we had time to adapt prices/shares

Pre-Order rates will be maintained until we can start processing for the Opening!

Promoters Documents

In English

Dragon’s Den Resort Investment & Partnership

!Partner Pre-Opening Offers!

Version in €uro and US$ won’t be done as those money are really close to 1/1 with CHF

Version 2 (09.01.2020) in CHF

Version 2 (09.01.2020) in PHP

Partner & Investor Contract

Partner contract Addendum

Installement possibilities

For Philippines   /   Rest of the World

En Français

!Offre Partenaire de Pré-Ouverture!

Version en PHP non prévue

Version en €uro et US$ non prévues étant donné que le change et proche de 1/1

Version 2 (01.09.2020) en CHF

Contrat Partenaire

Addendum contrat partenaire

Promoters & Ambassadors documents

Promotion Doc

Français, en révision


Pour le Français utiliser la version des offres révisées
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