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The Centers :

Sky Health Care Center

Our Centers will be similar to SPA, with Hammam, Sauna, hot and cold pools, massages, a zone for child to be taken care of while the parents can relax, a place to eat healthy food.

The Center will be sharing the pump equipped to provide clear proper drinkable water, with the community.

The water for the pools/hammam/showers will be coming from a pump that will be equipped by a filter, the water will not be drinkable because we lack the fund to equip all pumps from all wells with that kind of technology « for now » and we still need donations for this.

Actual Center in San Miguel, Bohol Philippines will be part of a huge complex,
here’s the approximate size of the Center, there will be 2 floors

Greeting zone : 8m x 6m : 48m2   /   Employee rest zone : 5m x 5m : 25m2
Customer Quiet zone - 4m x 4m : 16m2   /   Restaurant - 8m x 8m : 64m2
Child zone - 6m x 6m : 36m2   /   Hammam - 8m x 4m : 32m2   /   Sauna - 6m x 3m : 18m2
Cold pool - 3m x 3m : 9m2   /   Hot pool - 3m x 3m : 9m2   /   Showers - 6m x 2m : 12m2
Customers Comfort rooms - Male 6m x 3m / Female 6m x 3m : 36m2
Total surface : 305m2

Prices for the building in Swiss Francs (CHF)
[this does not include the price of the lot, but include electric and water canals]

Building cost : 125’000.-
Deep Well : 7’000.- / Pump : 3’500.- / Complete Filter : 18’000.- / Partial Filter : 7’000.-
Pools : 950.- / Showers system : 650.- / Toilets : 1’050.- / Child zone : 1’600.-
Hammam : 4’400.- / Sauna : 3’800.- / Rest zone : 800.- / Quiet zone : 720.-
Greeting zone : 3’400.- / Restaurant : 9’700.- / Tools/Cleaning/Uniforms : 1’600.-
Starting funds for products/food stock : 2’000.-
Total : 191’170.- CHF for the whole and fully functional Center

* * *

The Child Refuge / Orphan Refuge

A home for about 30-40 Childs including a dormitory, a classroom, a kitchen, a living room,
toilets and showers. The house will be about 180m2 on ground floor with a smaller 2nd floor

Dormitory will be separated in 2, one side for boys and one side for girls, equipped with double decks, with furniture where they can stock their belongings safely, each side will have it’s 4 toilets/showers

The classroom will be equipped with tables and chairs, with a small library
The living room will be equipped with sofa and low tables and there will be board games.
We do not intend to provide electronic gadgets! They will be able to learn and study.
There will only be 2 computers (provided by PPCME)
with highly restricted system and internet access,
and can use only when supervised by an adult or teacher,
as we do not want kids to focus on something else than studies!

We are quoting to an about 100’000.- CHF for this building, but the builder will give us a huge discount on furniture and will take most work on his own charge to help us

If you want to Donate for the SHCC or the Child Refuge, follow this link