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Adult Playground zone

The Adult playground zone is an awesome and fun zone for both kids and Adults


Cascades and Underground and underwater passages

Highview passages

Islands with Bars and even « Private Islands » that you can reach by bridges

A Water Volcano that you can visit

There will also be a Tower in the middle of this area, that let you see the pool design

Many statues and figures related to the Resort design to take pictures with

A Cascade Bar, A Videoke, a Restaurant, a BBQ stand, ice-cream stands and also
a small souvenirs and swimgears shop

Ping Pong tables / Volleyball Court / Basketball Court for only 20/50/50 pesos per hour

We will build a zone for training and to learn swimming.

With a huge 10 lanes competition swimming pool of 50m long and 24m width, 2.5m deep

And another pool for swimming lessons that will be 50m on 50m from 1m20 to 1m60 deep

San Miguel Barangay Schools will be allowed to use those pools for free at specific hours and days for the students to learn swimming or compete!

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