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Latest site Update DDR V1 : 06.09.2020

Welcome to SHCC & Dragon’s Den Resort temporary website
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September 2020 is there, and we still can’t continue building, however, we may start as soon as possible, our suppliers are only waiting for our signal, to send all the previously bought items, and following needs.

DDR is very proud to introduce our SHCC Project Centers

We are keeping our goals tight,
our Project being to help people around the world, starting with Philippines

2021 is the year of the beginning!
The first Center will be built along with the Resort in San Miguel, Bohol, Philippines.

The Center will be built in our own Resort,
as we already own 18 Hectares on a very beautiful and attractive place,
over the hills of San Miguel. We also acquired a 10 Hectares lot 200m away from the Main lot, where we will have an off-road track and a racing tracks, both for electric vehicles we already own

After we could meet with the Mayor, Sir Virgilio Mendez, we realised that it was the place we needed to be!

The plan is still the same, provide many jobs for local people, and being able to provide proper drinkable water to the population, and to help the community with problems they may have.

San Miguel is an awesome place to be and to stay, if you like calm and warm place, with great and friendly people. Their 2 main problems actualy are : Water supply, Houseless/Parentless child.

For this reason, our main project will already help with Water Supply, as soon as the Center is built.

The second problem may also be countered with your help.
As we have enough place to keep some space easily to build a separated house,
 that we will use as a Refuge for the child. But, for this we need your help.

We still look for donations, for the next Centers, for the Child Refuge.

On our website, you will now find the cost of everything we need, may it be for the Center,
the pumps and filters, the maintenance, the deep wells. We also did include the price of the Refuge building.

We are also glad to announce that to be able to manage everything, and as we have enough place,
we will make a Resort on that place. 5% of the income of our resort will be used for the whole Project,
to be able to keep building more Centers.

As we are now going LIVE, and the fact we need donators for the Center and Refuge,
we will now be open to partners/investors for our Resort too.

We are a family Business, we treat our employees the same way we treat our friends and family. We treat the Customers, the same way.

We will be the biggest Resort in Philippines, and one of the biggest over Asia

We value people, not banks or big companies. This is why we give this opportunity only to people to join us, before we open our doors to public!

info on the Dragon’s Den Resort here