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We are always looking for people to work with us, But we look for Ethical and Motivated people. We provide MANY advantages for people who are working with us, and we expect our employees to work happily and to provide their best at their job as they will work in a enjoyable and great environment!

We will open during 2021 (Estimated 1st of June)!

To apply, please follow those steps =>

Starting running 2021 (due to CoVid, starting dates are not yet known)
Following job position requires either Visaya, Tagalog or English speaking/writing

- Waiter/Waitress - Housekeepers/Maids - Kitchen Clerk - Security Agent
- Pool Safety Agent - Electrician Agent - Plumber Agent - Massage Therapist

Following position requires Tagalog AND English speaking/writing skills

- Frontdesk Clerk - Logistic Agent - Transportation Agent - Security Officer - Pool Lifeguard - Resort Maintenance Officer - Pool Maintenance Officer - Cook - Therapist Manager

Following position requires PERFECT English as well as Tagalog and Visaya,
other languages a plus

- Frontdesk Clerk - Reservation Clerk - Frontdesk Officer - Frontdesk Manager

Starting NOW
Following position requires English, other languages a plus

- Field Agent / Multi-card VRP Agent - Ambassador

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