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THIS OFFER OF PARTNERSHIP WILL LAST ONLY UNTIL we can officialy announce the opening of Dragon’s Den Resort,
after this date, as the opening of the Resort and Center are getting closer,
Partnership conditions will CHANGE to lower shares and higher prices!
We are promoting more those who help us to start!

Partners will get a share on what they partnered on,
and according the time delay of their contract.
For exemple, “Ad Aeternam Partners” will get share forever, this means that except if you request otherwise, the shares will go through generations over generations.

Partners will get benefits at the Resort on their visits

1st benefit of the Partner is to be able to access the resort for free
and use his own accomodation for free up to 3 month per year
Nevertheless the Partner cannot « rent » it for his own,
but different people are allowed to use it on their behalf

Partner will get a share from every of the accomodation he « bought »
Accomodation bought by partners are FIRST to be rented before any other accomodations

Filipino Tax will be deducted from the Resort earnings, not from your share.

A Partner can buy as many accomodotions he can, they can be all the same or not.

Partner will also have more benefits depending the total amount given,
« vouchers » or other benefits while at the Resort that can be used freely by the Partner

All Partners, on their first visit of the Resort, will also receive 2 « all inclusive day pass » that will allow them to access the Center as well,
with free breakfast-lunch-diner at our restaurant, as well as 8 vouchers for soft drinks.

Maintenance of the accomodations will always be paid by the resort

Being a Partner is a good way to ensure a minimal income amount,
with a good way to be able to enjoy some vacation
without hassle while in Philippines, on one of the most beautiful island.

Actual evaluation of customers for the first year is 20’000 at the lowest,
and will increase by 50% to 120% on second year (about 50’000-80’000),
200% to 300% more on third year (about 100’000-250’000),
Number of customer after the 4th year (should be around 400’000 to 750’000)

We expect about 500k visitors per year after the 5th year
Expecting more up to 1Million visitors per year after 10years
and increasing as we will improve the resort!

To know more about Partnership, please,
contact your local agent or contact us directly
So that we can arrange a meeting